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to Help Public Schools
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Glean from Jim’s 25 years experience in over 1000 public schools and as a national speaker, marketing guru, children’s educator and networker!

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INCREASE your significance and influence in your community and learn to reach:

  • 45 million students
  • 90,000 campuses and venues
  • 400,000 school buses and drivers
  • 20 million educators, custodians, counselors, coaches, staff and administrators
  • 50 million parents, grandparents and guardians
  • 20,000 librarians, music instructors, drama coaches and history teachers

Also you will learn unique marketing and outreach ideas which include seeing your name on:

  • one billion signs, stadium cushions, book covers, tracts, scoreboards, Christmas ornaments, CDs, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and more.


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